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For nearly a hundred years, Pioneer has searched for ways to improve crop performance all over the country. Bigger yields. Hardier plants. Disease resistance. This dedication is why Pioneer® corn and soybeans can help you overcome the specific growing challenges of this area. For superior yield potential and agronomics across a wide range of maturities, the answer is Pioneer.

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Nobody knows corn like Pioneer. We’re advancing corn breeding and genetics, building from 90 years of innovation.

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Pioneer delivers a wide range of soybean seed choices, from conventional soybeans to high-performing GMO options, that bring even more value to your operation.

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Count on Bergman Ag Inc for agronomic information that helps increase your profit per acre.

What We Value Most

We’ve built our business on values that put customers first.

Customer Relationships

We enjoy getting to know each customer and learning everything we can about their operation and goals. As a family-owned business, we consider you part of the family too.

Sharing Expertise

By sharing our knowledge and insights and helping create the right plan for each field, we’re contributing to your goal of increased productivity and profitability.

Keeping Promises

From recommending products to delivering seed to working up a field plan, we live up to our promises.

  • Bulk Tenders
  • Field Plans
  • Granular Digital Solutions
  • On-Call Agronomist
  • Seed Delivery
  • Seed Tender Use
  • Seed Treatment
  • TruChoice® Financing
  • Variable Rate Seed Prescriptions
  • Yield Mapping

Boost Yields With Our Knowledgeable Services

The Bergman team takes a hands-on approach to maximizing your productivity. By working one-on-one with you and every customer, we can help you get the most out of every acre. This involves building an optimal mix of products, services, and agronomic insights that can address your specific needs. We also combine our own regional experience with highly detailed on-farm data from Pioneer to provide the right scouting, planning, and mapping for your success.

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