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The Bergman Ag team works directly with customers to help maximize productivity and profitability on every acre, for today and the future.

Expert Services That Help Boost Yield

  • Field Plans

    Field Plans

    It’s been a long time since farmers left anything to chance. Our product placement plans go right down to the last detail to help you be more productive on every square foot of cropland.

  • Granular Digital Solutions

    Granular Digital Solutions

    How would you like to have all your agronomic and financial data in one place? Our industry-leading system offers granular digital solutions that help you keep track of field plans, yield, input costs, breakevens, and more, all to help you make the most knowledgeable decisions.

  • On-Call Agronomist

    On-Call Agronomist

    When it comes to knowing what’s going on in your fields, it’s all about boots on the ground. At Bergman Ag those boots belong to our on-call agronomist, Dave Nelson, whose experience, local crop knowledge, and understanding of best practices deliver efficient field-scouting that can help with your crop treatment decisions.

  • Seed Delivery

    Seed Delivery

    When you order your seed, just tell us when and where you want it and we’ll come through as promised.

  • Seed Tender Use

    Seed Tender Use

    Need bulk seed delivered right to your field? Ask us about our high-performance seed tenders.

  • Seed Treatment

    Seed Treatment

    The best way to maximize your investment in Pioneer genetics is to give your seeds a strong start, so we recommend LumiGEN™ seed treatment products. Developed specifically for Pioneer seed genetics, these products offer proven protection against insects and many other threats.

  • TruChoice® Financing

    TruChoice® Financing

    Looking for more ways to save? Now there is a better way to buy your Pioneer® brand products and Corteva Agriscience™ crop protection products with the TruChoice® offer. Up to 15% upfront savings on your Corteva crop protection with Pioneer purchase.

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  • Variable Rate Seed Prescriptions

    Variable Rate Seed Prescriptions

    Have you considered variable rate seed prescriptions? They let you apply a specific amount of seed to a specific location on your farm, helping increase productivity and, in some cases, cut your costs.

  • Yield Mapping

    Yield Mapping

    Yield mapping is an invaluable tool these days, and the more precise the better. We’ll use yield mapping to help you pick the right seeds, minimize the cost of other inputs, track trends, and much more. This detailed data is crucial to optimizing yield potential on every acre.

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